5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

People with Food and Drinks on the Table

Oh, the holidays! An exciting time filled with celebrations including your favorite food and drinks. During this time it can be hard to stay away from your guilty pleasures and most of us find ourselves indulging a bit more than we should. In order to avoid that feeling that we’ve had a few too many treats come January 1st, we are sharing 5 tips to stay healthy while enjoying your favorites over the holidays.

1.  Everything in moderation

We’re all for treating yourself and enjoying the delicious desserts during the holidays, but we like to also practice everything in moderation. Enjoy your treats and desserts, but limit yourself to one or two and then opt for healthier snacks the rest of the time.

2.  Stick to a workout routine

The holidays are busy with parties, shopping for gifts, and your normal routine on top of that, so skipping your workout to hit that snooze button a few more times or make it to the mall can be tempting. However, sticking to your normal workout routine of 3-5 times a week can be the most critical during this time, especially as you indulge more than usual. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to make sure you can get in a quick workout or sign up for a class with a cancellation fee so you hold yourself accountable. Whether it’s 30 minutes or an hour, moving your body is essential for staying healthy during the holidays.

3.  Bring a healthy dish/drink to share

Asked to bring a dish or drink to share for a holiday get together? Opt for bringing a healthy tray of veggies with your favorite hummus, a festive fruit tray, or a healthy appetizer. This way you know you have at least one healthy option to snack on while you socialize. This goes for drinks too! Juice and sodas are loaded with calories. Mocktails, with half the sugar and calories of juices and soda is a great alternative to bring to share with your family and friends.

4.  Control your stress

At the end of the day don’t let the busy holiday season get your tinsel in a tangle. Control your stress levels by saying yes to the things you want to do the most and no to the ones you don’t have the time for. Keep your stress levels down by planning ahead and ordering gifts online, prepping your meals the night before, working out, and only saying yes when you can be fully present.

5.  Use alternatives when baking/cooking

There are many ways to substitute healthier ingredients for baked goods and holiday dishes that can help cut back on fat, sugar, and calories. Do your research before you prep for a recipe and see if you can find alternatives equally as delicious but that better serve your waistline.


We hope these tips help you keep healthy during the holiday season! As always, make sure to share with us as you enjoy Mocktails with your friends and family however you are celebrating together.