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Designated Drivers have Good Taste

It is hard to believe, but very true: There are 300,000 people per day in the USA driving drunk on our roads. This is scary for our families to even think about, but how many do we pass as we go about our daily lives?

Mocktails and MADD share a vision, and have created a Mission Partnership to make it a reality! Mocktails is committed to donating 10% of our US profits to charitable causes, and MADD is the first partnership.

The Race to Zero fatalities is on!

With two great options now available, no one has to make that tragic choice to get behind the wheel drunk ever again. It’s actually quite simple to make a good choice now.

1.) If you are going to drink, we have no problem with that, drink responsibly and have fun - but Take a rideshare home like UBER.

2.) If you are going to drive, drink Mocktails. After all, Designated Drivers have good taste!

If you want to make our roads truly safe like we do, Join the Race to Zero in two ways.