Introducing the Perfect Mocktail for Sunday Brunch!

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to sit back, unwind and reflect on your weekend. While you may be planning the week ahead or simply catching up with friends and family, you’ll need something unique, exciting and refreshing to go with your meal. As a host, you have to make sure you offer a drink that everyone can enjoy – and we have the perfect one!

Add a gorgeous pop of color and a little touch of sparkle to brunch with this incredibly easy, make ahead alcohol free Sparkling Melon Ball Lemonade Punch. The flavors of lemon and ginger from our non-alcoholic Scottish Lemonade Whiskey Sour are poured over an assortment of frozen melon balls, and make a refreshingly simple and beautiful beverage for everyone to enjoy. Freeze the melon balls overnight, and they’ll be ready to pop right in before brunch begins. What’s even better? This punch can be made with or without alcohol. To make it a brunch cocktail, simply swap the ginger ale for your favorite champagne or sparkling white wine!

Click here for the full Sparkling Melon Ball Lemonade Punch recipe, and for other amazing recipes from Mocktails Brand, don’t forget to visit our Recipes Page!