New Year, Healthy Habits

Photo: Emma Simpson

The start of the New Year is a season of renewal and goal setting. Like most, we know the struggle of setting a resolution and not sticking to it, easily falling back into old habits.

This year at Mocktails we are setting our resolutions for healthy habits by starting small, in hopes that those small goals will turn into big lifestyle changes with enough practice. Join along and try our healthy habit tips with us as we set ourselves up for our best year yet.

Tip #1: Eat breakfast everyday

We bet you thought number one would be to exercise, right? And while that does take the number two spot, we are focusing on fueling our bodies properly at the beginning of everyday. Eating a well balanced breakfast with protein will fire up your metabolism, keep those hunger cravings at bay, and keep you fuller for longer. We love overnight protein oats or a quick omelette with veggies.

Tip #2: Exercise

Like you, exercise is a recurring resolution for us at Mocktails. Instead of setting goals that you know you can’t reach, start small and set a goal to simply get your heart rate up 30 minutes a day. That could be a walk around your neighborhood, a workout video at home, or even attending your favorite workout class. Get creative, get your heart rate up, and make it fun!

Tip #3: Hydrate!

Your body relies on you to keep it hydrated in order to keep its systems functioning properly. Being dehydrated can cause fatigue, dry skin, and many other issues. Doctors recommend drinking half your weight in oz. of water everyday to maintain hydration. Buy yourself a new water bottle and set a goal to fill it up and drink it a certain number of times a day.

Tip #4: Sleep with your phone across the room from you

How many of us are guilty of aimlessly scrolling on our phones in bed before we actually call it a night?  To avoid the mindless scrolling, try putting your phone across the room before you get in bed. Not being exposed to the light from your devices will help your body relax quicker and the time you used to spend scrolling can now be used to catch up with your spouse/partner or even catch an extra couple Zzz’s. Try this one and see how your sleep improves over the next few days.

Tip #5: Dry January 

That’s right. It’s easy to over indulge in the drink department during the holidays. Dry January is pretty simple – cutting out all alcoholic beverages for the month. This gives your body time to reset and can improve energy, sleep, body weight, cravings, eating habits and more. Instead of reaching for a beer or a cocktail, try something new. Grab a Mocktail that will still give you rich flavor or a seltzer water for carbonation (you can even mix those two together!) See how you feel after a month of no alcohol and assess your habits and what you are reaching for. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out alcohol forever. This is just a great way to reset your body and then really enjoy your favorite beverages when you do add them back in. See more about Dry January via this article.