Available at select Whole Foods
stores throughout New England,
Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland,
Southern New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.

In the Greater Boston area.


Mocktails Brand


Delicious Cocktail
Inspired Beverages

Alcohol Free


The Better
For You Mixer

1/3 the calories
and sugar of regular
cocktail mixers


All Inclusive

Ready to Drink, or add spirits
by the glass


The Healthier
Alternative and
Easy to Serve

The idea is simple: Delicious party drinks made easy anytime.

Add alcohol or not without sacrificing taste, style, or the experience of a having wonderful drink in your hand. Because they are ready to serve straight from our unique shaker bottle, personally customize each one by the glass.

That’s not all, Mocktails Brand is made with the health-conscious consumer in mind so you can be proud to serve them to anyone anytime.

Pair them with your favorite food and savor every sip. Upscale any occasion, no matter how big or small.

Mocktails Brand: With or without alcohol, fun for all!

Call us today at 1-855-MOCKTAILS!

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“I really like the authenticity of the flavors, these drinks taste like you’re really having a cocktail. I serve Mocktails Brand to customers in my salon and to my friends at social functions. Some of my friends drink Mocktails Brand as they are, and others add alcohol. I like to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, and with Mocktails Brand all my guests and clients can enjoy the same drink.”

Omar, South Hamilton, MA

“I love Mocktails Brand’s new line of non-alcoholic cocktails – all four flavors are fantastic! I serve them at home, and at my work functions. They’re so versatile and suit the drinkers and non-drinkers alike.”

Kerry, Annapolis, MD

“I am a drinker and my wife is a non-drinker. We both love the taste of Mocktails Brand’s non-alcoholic cocktails, along with the ability to share the same drink together – with or without alcohol.”

Tony, Norwalk CT

“I am not a drinker. No particular reason why I am not a drinker - I just never acquired a taste for liquor. As a result I have always felt like the fifth wheel at parties. Real or not, my perception was that those who did drink looked upon me while thinking, 'If you don't drink you are spoiling my fun, or even worse, judging me.' Mocktails changes all of that. Instead of having to explain why I am not drinking I can walk around with a 'drink glass' filled with a healthy, low calorie, tasty beverage that is liquor free, guilt free, fun filled. My only complaint is that it took someone so long to think of this.”

Marty, Bloomfield, CT

“For about the cost of two cups of coffee Mocktails gave me four nice servings of a low calorie, refreshing social drink that reminded us of our last vacation. What a nice treat.”

Evelyn, Clark, NJ

“First tasted Mocktails at a food store demonstration. I bought it for a gift but the party was postponed so I thought I would try it at home with my husband. We liked it so much I went back to the store the next day to buy all four flavors. This stuff is too good to give away as a gift.”

Irving, Westfield, NJ

“As a drinker, I enjoyed the no mess, no waste, no fuss of this premade mixer.”

Mordechai, Brooklyn, NY

“Surprisingly great taste, considering the low number of calories”

Steven, Saugus, CA

“Great idea for pregnant women and non drinkers so that they can still feel like they can be part of a party.  I expect to buy it again...”

Liz, Arvada, CA